Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to get my stock tank?

We will update our customers as often as we get updates from the manufacturer. Sometimes we have stock available immediately and when not available, we offer pre-orders. The larger size stock tanks we supply are in high demand around the country and we place new orders frequently.

Is my pre-pay deposit refundable?

Yes, we will refund 100% of your deposit if you change your mind as long as it is 7 days before a scheduled delivery or before your pick-up.

How do I get my stock tank?

First purchase online or call us. Then schedule to pickup from our warehouse at no additional cost. Or refer to our delivery page for your county's estimated delivery fee. You may also arrange for your own delivery service.

How do I turn my stock tank into a pool?

There are many great articles and videos online to refer to or visit our DIY page: stocktankhouse.com/diy

Can I paint my stock tank pool?

The answer is YES, but please do your own research on this one... Painting can certainly add fun and creativity, but you must prep properly. Galvanized metal is not meant to accept paint without the proper preparations (sanding and etching). So proceed cautiously.

How do I keep the water clean?

By now you should realize the best way to make a DIY stock tank pool is to add a filter pump system. You will also need to chlorinate. The industry recommendation for a long lasting tank is to use the least amount of chlorine necessary to keep your water clean. Also, never ever use liquid chlorine or apply a shock treatment as this could damage the integrity of the stock tank.

What is the difference between a Green Label or Black Label Stock Tank?

Great question! There are a few differences between the two stock tank types: Black Label Stock Tanks are made with thicker 20 gauge metal for Both the sidewalls and bottom of tanks, so they are heavier in weight, carry an industry best 5 year warranty, and are slightly more expensive. Green Label Stock Tanks are made with a 20 gauge bottom and 22 gauge sidewalls, are a little lighter in total weight, carry an industry standard one year warranty, and cost slightly less. Please take note that once these tanks are converted into pools by drilling holes, this will void any tank warranty. Both style tanks make great pools and if properly taken care of should last for many years of enjoyment. They are proudly made in the USA by Hastings (an industry leader) since 1910. For more info, please visit: http://www.hastingstank.com/about.php

Why does my "NEW" Stock Tank have some scratches, dents or dings?

This is a common question and we do the very best we can in caring for these large tanks while in our possession. But we cannot control or prevent any minor cosmetic damage caused by the manufacturing or transportation process. All Stock Tanks are rolled around a factory floor, nested inside of other tanks (3) to a grouping, loaded on a truck with over a hundred other tanks, transported around the country, offloaded to a distribution company, stored until sold and then loaded and transported again to its final destination or resting place all of which may cause minor dents, dings, scratches and blemishes. There will also be some marks in the metal called "Tooling" marks which cannot be prevented and is a result of the manufacturing process. Remember Stock Tanks were originally manufactured for heavy livestock watering troughs.

Will my stock tank rust?

Metal Stock Tanks are made from galvanized steel. The carbon steel has been galvanized or coated with a thin layer of zinc. The zinc acts as a protective barrier so it is corrosion protected. Like anything else, this will eventually start to wear away or degrade over time. Introducing chlorine will speed up this process especially if not done properly. Instead of just dropping a few chlorine tablets in the pool and hoping for the best, make sure they’re carefully stored inside a chlorine float at all times. This will help prevent the tank from corroding and rusting prematurely. If taken care of properly your metal stock should last many years rust-free. If you are concerned about rusting down the road or have a rusting issue, you can properly prep and paint the inside of the stock tank with Pond Armor to extend the life. There are lots of online tutorials covering this subject matter.


Even though your new stock tank "pool" is only 2' deep, please follow CDC drowning prevention guidelines - https://www.cdc.gov/safechild/drowning/index.html

Do I need a pool permit in Florida for a Stock Tank Pool?

The Florida code states anything 24" or above requires pool permit. Luckily, all Hastings Stock Tanks are just under 24", so technically they do not fall within the necessary pool permitting parameters. Local municipality laws may differ so you may want to check this out on your own.

Does the Stock Tank metal or water get too hot?

The metal Stock Tanks actually do not retain heat very well and generally do not get too hot under normal conditions. The water usually stays a comfortable temperature, as well. Obviously this will also depend on your geographical location and current weather conditions. The top metal rim part of the tanks can heat up and if in full sun on a hot day can be hot to the touch. This is why you may see foam noodles around the top edge to help prevent this and to add a soft edge for children at play. You can also add an umbrella or a sun shade during times of full sun exposure.